Swizzle Sticks & Lemonade

The coaster is such a great piece. I remember having them growing up. Back then, coasters were simply used to keep thet late 1970's rattan table with a glass top free from drink ring marks. I don't specifically remember whether my family had fancy coasters or plain, but I can assure you that I do remember having to use one. 

As life progressed, I had forgotten all about coasters. I did not use them in my college days as I am pretty sure my beverages and furniture combined were in total less than a set of coasters! Nor, did I have any sacred furnishings to keep water rings off of upon entering into married life and home ownership.  I really did not think about coasters after my days of growing up until last year. It is at this time I had a revelation about what an amazing item these little squares are. Not only do they keep water and drink rings from my table tops ( which I might add is probably easier than getting my kids to actually put their drink on a coaster); but we use these tiles and coasters for arts and crafts, wall decor and even for doll tea parities. I have come to love these little squares and the versatility they provide is amazing. 

I started Swizzle Sticks and Lemonade out a passion for crafting. Then, I discovered other people enjoy my crafting too. I have made many unique sets of coasters. Some I make thinking about all the Grandma's and Great Grandma's and all the gifts they have given to myself and my family over the years. Other times, I think about what I would like in my home or to give as a gift. Then, there are those sets that are fun and silly to make. I enjoy making these sets for you to enjoy and I look forward to our journey together to see what the coaster says to you. 

Bringing back the coaster one tile at a time-that is what I am doing. Won't you join me? 

All my best,



Welcome to Swizzle Sticks and Lemonade- where we are bringing the coaster back one tile set at a time! Sit back, relax, grab some lemonade and make yourself at home. If you are feeling crazy, put a fun swizzle stick in your drink too; just don’t forget the coaster!