Swizzle Sticks & Lemonade

Gamers Delight-2012

Can't get enough of your Wii, Playstation, Xbox, or DS? Well, adding this coaster set to your game room will add one more element to your gaming fun. With six(6) coasters in this set, you will have plenty of coasters for your family or friends to get in on the gaming action with you for hours of fun!

All coasters are made with love in the USA. Not intended for use as a trivet or hot pad.

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Welcome to Swizzle Sticks and Lemonade- where we are bringing the coaster back one tile set at a time! Sit back, relax, grab some lemonade and make yourself at home. If you are feeling crazy, put a fun swizzle stick in your drink too; just don’t forget the coaster!